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    Combining RPA systems and people

    Tallyfy - Combining People and Bots for Business Success

    Are you investing in RPA platforms like UIPath, Automation Anywhere, or Blue Prism? Then you already know that RPA automates tasks that can be fully automated. But what about tasks that require human intelligence and interaction? That’s where Tallyfy comes in.

    Tallyfy is a powerful tool that acts as a bridge between your RPA system and human operators. It seamlessly combines the tasks performed by people with those handled by RPA systems, giving you the best of both worlds.

    Imagine a task being sent off to a black box (RPA) and automatically marked as done in Tallyfy once completed, without any human interaction. It’s like magic! Take a look at this screenshot of Tallyfy in action, handling a fictional process called employee onboarding:


    Tallyfy understands that business users need automation to be incredibly simple for successful adoption. By embedding RPA into processes already performed by people, you can leverage the strengths of both humans and machines.

    Ready to learn more about how Tallyfy fits with RPA? Visit our RPA solution page or schedule a call with our team. Let’s unlock the true potential of your business together!