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Adopt a “fill in the blanks” approach to recurring documents

Are you tired of trying to maintain consistency in your Word or Google Docs templates? With Tallyfy, you can say goodbye to the mess of countless variations and uncontrolled changes. Our document templates provide a solution by allowing you to add editable form fields while keeping the rest of the document read-only.

Gone are the days of manually customizing each template. Tallyfy lets you create snippets and embedded templates, enabling you to edit a single block of content once and have it reflected across all relevant templates and processes. It’s like building with Lego bricks!

So how can you add editable fields to your document? It’s simple!

  1. Identify the unique fields that need to be editable, such as the sender’s name, letter date, recipient’s name, and recipient’s address.

  2. Click on “Power Tools” in the editor tab and select “Form Fields” in the builder. This will allow you to start adding editable fields.

  3. Drag and drop or click “Add” to choose the type of form field you want to add, like a short text field for “Customer Name.”

  4. You can even make certain fields required by setting them as such. This ensures that when the document is launched, these fields must be filled in.

And there you have it! Your document is now ready to launch. For more information on launching a document, check out this helpful article.

With Tallyfy, document automation has never been easier. Say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to efficiency. Try Tallyfy today and revolutionize your document management process!