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Tallyfy is unique in giving organizations a simple way to sustain business process improvement efforts. Many Six Sigma projects eventually fail to deliver return on investment (ROI) because they lack a way to sustain change.
Brittany Hagedorn - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Why partner with Tallyfy?

  • Reduce or remove the risk that your process improvement work eventually fails. This is a serious concern for all Six Sigma, lean and process improvement practitioners, and threatens the future viability and reputation of the discipline.
  • If you are a consultant – expand your income streams into recurring, reliable royalty revenues that scale far more quickly than your headcount or day rate. Our tool is the only fit-for-purpose offering available that ensures your client that processes will actually be followed.
  • Get a competitive edge that distinguishes you from other practitioners or consultants. Tallyfy is based in Silicon Valley – and is the most modern and usable process collaboration/compliance tool in the world.

Here’s why legacy BPM is a failure for process improvement 😉

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