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Create a template of any people-driven process. Launch and track every process in real-time.

Run templatized, efficient processes 🚀

  • AI-generated templates
  • If-This-Then-That automations
  • Real-time tracking
  • Eliminate delays and waste
  • Consistent, scalable, predictable ops
  • No flowcharts. No code. No mess.
Tallyfy - Overall Introduction

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Simple + Proven. Raving fans it

Tallyfy is robust workflow software that eliminates busywork. Run any service-oriented process perfectly every time. Free everyone to shine at what they do best.

Top rated for workflow management and BPM everywhere
Rhonda Toston
Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) is a Fortune 500 company with over 100,000 employees across 80 countries
Tallyfy provided us with a modern, global platform to automate, maintain, and cascade content to a wide array of stakeholders, effectively eliminating the need for our teams to ask, “Where can I find the latest version of a playbook?”. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Tallyfy and welcome their growth-forward mindset as we deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders.

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Perfect for procedures, forms, approval workflows, playbooks, contracts and documents

How does it work?

Set it. Forget it! Automate your people-driven processes with ease

Save hours daily, boost productivity, and foster innovation by managing all your processes in one intuitive app. Eliminate confusion, bureaucracy, meetings and wasted time.

1. Create

Auto-create 🏆

  • AI-Generated Templates
  • Parallel / Sequential Steps
  • No Flowcharts & No Code
  • Agreed & Clear Processes

2. Launch

Effortless Tracking

  • Real-Time Status
  • Automated Reminders
  • Frictionless Teamwork
  • Painless Approvals

3. Optimize

Improve Continuosly

  • Systemize & Scale Ops
  • Operational Excellence
  • Easy Delegation
  • Innovate Effectively
Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time

Tallyfy® is Workflow Made Easy®

Anyone can create, track and automate workflows, approvals, forms and docs in one system. Nothing else comes close.

Explain it once

You have a process or you don’t. If you don’t – Tallyfy AI creates one in 10 seconds. If you do – Tallyfy AI will auto-digitize your upload. Imagine if documenting knowledge can be fun and gamified. No flowcharts. No stress. No mess. Capture tribal knowledge and get self-service training.

Create Templates with AI
Writers Block?

Tallyfy AI creates a template in 10 seconds

Auto Translate

Get >90 languages in real-time via Azure AI

Auto “WOW”

Tallyfy auto-formats your eSOP for any device

Auto Govern

Audit trails and fine-tuned permissions

Improve Fast

Easy comments for improvements

Auto Update

Recurring tasks to update templates

Engagement ROI

Measure views and ROI with Google Analytics


Show simple and clear “if this then that” rules

Tallyfy is absolutely amazing. It’s perfect for medium to large businesses. They also prove to you that they have setup excellent data and security measures which makes it perfect for medium to large businesses as well. 5 stars, no questions asked.
David Castillo
Kick off forms and triggers

Structure Intake

No need to “hope” that somebody reads your process. Place a form in front. Launch it and make it trackable to everyone. Automate accountability and reminders. Trigger your process in any way. Pass the baton automatically from person-to-person. Organize every incoming work request and let anyone track the status.


Eliminate the pain of submit-and-pray after forms are submitted.

Forms Alone Suck

A form just kicks off a multi-step process. You need a form and the process.

Data Passthrough

Grab and pass around form data in your actual workflow. Push it via webhooks.

Auto Verified

Eliminate submits from Make forms public.

Evan Davis - DASH headshot
Evan Davis
Alexandria Transit operates the DASH bus system that serves the Alexandria Metrorail and the Pentagon
A paper-based approval for any of our financial processes could take a couple of days before if someone was waiting for a director to be available for a signature. With Tallyfy – approvals are often completed in minutes.

If This Then That

Put your processes on auto-pilot. Create simple automations to eliminate manual assignments or deadlines. Show exactly the right task at the right time. Eliminate the stress of remembering every if, but or when. Use Tallyfy Lists to maintain and re-use common data.

Automated Actions on Tallyfy
For everyone

Built for non-technical people to edit workflows in minutes.

Self Service

You never need an army of consultants for every little change

Easy Integration

Tallyfy has an open API with middleware connectors plus real-time feeds to your BI

No-BPMN & No-Code

Nobody adopts expensive, legacy BPM and low-code apps

Tallyfy is deliciously complex and simple. Really love the control you have with tasks and whether you make them mandatory or not, repeatable and send webhooks to update a CRM or application. I would be very surprised if there is anyone that this application would not benefit.
Simon Rowe
British Government
Track Process

Real Time Status

Instantly turn your process templates into digitized, trackable processes. See the live status of any approval, request or task without asking anyone. Tallyfy auto-sends “it’s your turn” notifications. Stop all the busywork of emails, chats and meetings.

Predictable Ops

Projects are never predictable. Processes give you predictable outcomes.

Purpose Built

The features you need to document and run processes are unique. Process thinking is amazing. Transform ops.


Compare and analyze 100 processes like-for-like. You can never do that with 100 ad-hoc projects

Proven For Decades

“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing” – W. Deming

Tallyfy is a really reliable way to delegate and track tasks with confidence. It has taken the guesswork out of the equation and has helped our team focus on delivering a service within deadlines. Thank you for making my life as a business owner much easier!
Karen Finnin
Online Physio

Customer Facing

Delight your customers with spectacular, branded experiences that require no signup and no login. Enjoy unlimited and free guest invites. Automate reminders. Collect data with zero friction. Get customer approvals. Grow faster with happier customers.

Customer Workflows on Tallyfy
Sol8 is an agency that's growing quickly. They're an official Google Partner
Our clients and team sail through the Tallyfy process – there is no need for clients to log in, there is one link for everything they need to do, everything saves in real-time – it all works incredibly well! I simply can’t imagine scaling our Google Ads agency without Tallyfy.
Kasim Aslam
Create templates of documents where you just fill in the blanks to generate a custom version

Fill In The Blanks

Digitize any contract, document, letter or playbook into a fill-in-the-blanks template. Create the structure, add the editable fields and then just rinse and repeat – easy! End the pain of zillions of docs with random names scattered everywhere.

The best way to standardize your processes and tasks. We have prevented many common errors and delays in accounting processes by using Tallyfy.
Rajesh Verma
Accurate Taxation Services

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know

Expert skills without the bills

Need personal help? We guarantee you can schedule unlimited, free 25-minute screen-sharing calls for life.

GDP per capita for the world

Up to 90% off forever

Tallyfy is the only workflow software in the world that’s discounted using the GDP-per-capita of your primary country. We invented guaranteed discounts with transparent pricing that’s globally fair. You’ll never find this value in any other app.

Fair Price Guarantee

Document your process. Run it. Then improve it.

For the entire journey to automated operations
I had a great chat with Tallyfy – and love the user-first design. They are also a rare example of transparency and confidence. The legal compliance and security page (which hardly anyone would normally read) would be one of the best examples of open communication I have seen for a while – around how the service is constructed and the underpinning technologies and services used. Well worth a look if you are technically-minded, or just interested in how a modern tech. company approaches their IT. Good stuff!
Garry Johnston
Vodafone New Zealand

Everything IT & compliance needs



  • SOC-2 attested
  • GDPR compliant
  • BIMI & HSTS compliant
  • Free SSO for all
  • Real-time BI feed
  • Bank-grade security
  • Enterprise MSA & SLA
Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time