We bring the power of process to everyone.

Tallyfy is made with in San Francisco, CA and St. Louis, MO.

Amit Kothari

CEO. Originally British. CS degree. 12+ years in process improvement.

Pravina Pindoria

Head of Customer Success. Originally British. 10+ years in healthcare processes.

Wesley Butler

Product Manager. From Wisconsin. Expert in integrations and data science.

Thomas Palumbo

Head of Design and Brand. From Tampa, FL. Handcrafts ridiculously good user experiences.

Nurbek Chymbaev

API Development.

Mohan Singh

Front End Architect.

Feroj Bepari

Client Development.

Samier Sompura

Client Development.

Dmitriy Ryabov

API Development.

Rahul Chauhan

API Development.

Ruku Kadu

Customer Success.

Mohamed Ararou

API Development.

Natasha Potter

Engagement and Marketing.

Nick Greene

Co-Head of Content.

Noel Ceta

Co-Head of Content.

Helal Honufa

Admin Assistant.

Kiran Kumar

Client Development.

Kiran Sompura

Client Development.

Lora Lucenara

Head of Testing.

Adi Winata

Client and Plugins Development.

It’s 2018. Ugly, boring software is unacceptable.

Hi - I'm Amit, the co-founder of Tallyfy.

This is a story about why we're here.

We make getting work done really blissful and easy for you.

I spent over a decade improving processes in London, as a BPM (Business Process Management) and process improvement consultant.


Almost all companies have processes. But they exist as static documents or flowcharts.

People are "supposed" to do things according to the process.

The reality is that those processes just gather dust in a corner.

Nobody updates them. Nobody knows how to find them.

Our first mission is one place where your processes are searchable and up-to-date.


Processes are useless unless someone actually uses the process.

People suffer the pain of spreadsheets, emails, forms and paper to do tasks and approvals.

Your only alternative without Tallyfy is Old BPM and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) systems, which require armies of IT, millions of dollars and 6-month long projects.

Nobody is going to buy you a beer anymore for purchasing "Old BPM" like Pega, Appian, Nintex, K2, SAP, Oracle, Bizagi, etc.

Instead, everyone will hate you. Especially business users.

Strict flowcharts with fixed paths - is not even how people work in reality.

Professionals and leaders know that a project is not a process. So - the answer isn't to get a project management tool and pretend your processes are working.

Our second mission is to put your process in a beautiful tool that anyone can use within 60 seconds. And to integrate Tallyfy straight into Outlook and Gmail.


How can you improve a process when you can't even measure it?

Our third mission is to be the easiest way on Earth to collect data and ideas to improve processes - so that you can make great decisions.


When a process changes - how are you going to ensure people do things "the new way"?

Unless you can roll out improvements easily - you won't see any benefits. Whatsoever.

Our fourth mission is to eliminate the cost of change management and training through one-click rollouts of any change.


Onboarding and serving your clients really well is critical to long-term revenue - and first impressions really matter.

Today - your clients have to constantly email, visit or phone you to get an update on routine things you are doing for them.

Our fifth mission is to let you share workflows with clients securely. This is via a simple link which clients can use 24/7 - to make everything self-driving and automated for you - and for them. Imagine what that does for client trust and loyalty.


"Old BPM" software is tired and broken. It never worked for you. Our mission is now your mission.

  • Users are now deciding to buy software themselves. Old BPM was bought by your IT department, who didn't care about your user experience - as long as it had a familiar label.
  • Cloud tools are now free to try by anyone, anytime. With Old BPM you had to call sales and wait for 50 questions just to look at it and finally decide it sucks.
  • People want to share workflows with clients. With Old BPM you were stuck with trying to automate internal processes only. Your clients would be very scared and run a mile from it.
  • People expect to integrate cloud tools without IT. With Old BPM you had get engineers to write code to make a simple integration. That's now become a drag-and-drop service.
  • People expect to work on phones. This means giant, clunky flowcharts in Old BPM are dead - because they don't fit on your phone's screen - and only define "the perfect process".
  • People are now tired of flowcharts. Old BPM was all about the high priest telling you how a process can/will be done, and you would obey. Now - people collaborate.
  • People now expect all the benefits of the cloud. Old BPM was never cloud-born and was never designed for the cloud. And that has a massive bunch of disadvantages.
  • Companies of all sizes need process management - and never had it. Since Old BPM was so expensive and complicated, only large companies could afford it. The rest of us were left out.
  • People are excited about AI - but confused about where to begin. With Old BPM you have zero chance of using AI without an army of engineers. With cloud-born systems like Tallyfy - you can use any AI you like to run amazing automations for photos, voice, video and more.


We've built the Mercedes Benz of repeatable processes. Our team has real-life experience of the problems you're facing.

Billions of dollars a month are wasted globally - due to the problems above.

They are your dollars. With Tallyfy - you can finally claim them back

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