Tallyfy is a cutting-edge Silicon Valley backed startup that’s looking for awesome people to join our team

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We’re looking for animals!

Paul Graham (from Y-Combinator) said it best:

What do I mean by good people? One of the best tricks I learned during our startup was a rule for deciding who to hire. Could you describe the person as an animal? It might be hard to translate that into another language, but I think everyone in the US knows what it means. It means someone who takes their work a little too seriously; someone who does what they do so well that they pass right through professional and cross over into obsessive. 

What it means specifically depends on the job: a salesperson who just won’t take no for an answer; a hacker who will stay up till 4:00 AM rather than go to bed leaving code with a bug in it; a PR person who will cold-call New York Times reporters on their cell phones; a graphic designer who feels physical pain when something is two millimeters out of place.

Almost everyone who worked for us was an animal at what they did. The woman in charge of sales was so tenacious that I used to feel sorry for potential customers on the phone with her. You could sense them squirming on the hook, but you knew there would be no rest for them till they’d signed up.

Pre-sales and Customer Success Manager

Please note that we’ve provided the “broadest possible scope” in the role description below. In reality, we assume you would be doing a subset of this.

Main Responsibilities

  • Manage and re-engage existing customers and/or stale leads – Capsule CRM
  • Sales process management for new leads
  • Capturing back leads that got stuck in the sign up funnel
  • Manage billing / payments, etc. – via Recurly
  • Customer and user onboarding – help create process within Tallyfy
  • Initial engagement – Run regular online webinars
  • Post-acquisition follow-ups – emails / calls
  • First line support response and help desk – via Uservoice
  • Ongoing engagement – tailored emails or calls
  • Customer intelligence – Monitor Mixpanel and web analytics + Slack to find ways to delight customers
  • Customer expansion – explore how to expand user licenses
  • Post-churn follow-up


  • Fast learner – ability to get a grasp on the  Tallyfy product,  service offering, mission/vision.
  • Experience working with an internet startup, ideally SaaS.
  • Familiar with emerging cloud CRMs, ticketing systems and digital marketing tools.
  • Excellent  interpersonal, communications, written correspondence, and presentation skills.
  • Pro-active, detail-oriented and works well under pressure.
  • Adaptable to needs of the evolving needs of the company.
  • Passion for startups, innovation, all things new.
  • Has US working visa and able to work from our downtown St. Louis office in T-REX OR remotely from home – as appropriate.

Please email applications to work@tallyfy.com.


Sales Support and Marketing (Intern / Part-time)

Tallyfy is looking for a person passionate about startups, innovation, all things new.

You would be working on the most exciting part – helping to keep our awesome and growing customer base happy!

Main Responsibilities:

  • Processing new sales leads – most of your job will involve email communications
  • Using Yesware for gmail to remind yourself to follow up with leads properly
  • Dealing with email responses to cold outbound email campaigns
  • Managing the correspondence between the sales team and users
  • Monitoring customer accounts 
  • Providing data and reports to help the sales team
  • Conducting demos and webinars
  • Customer followups – both from outbound emails and signups to the app
  • Customer success – handling retention through email comms after someone has signed up to the app
  • Social media and newsletter management


  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Tech savvy –  ability to get a grasp on the Tallyfy product.
  • Experience with customer facing comms.
  • Excellent  interpersonal, communications, written correspondence, and presentation skills.
  • Pro-active and  detail-oriented.
  • Has US working visa and able to work from our downtown St. Louis office in T-REX OR remotely from home – as appropriate.

Please email applications to work@tallyfy.com.