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Tallyfy is a process audit solution that lets you organize your business process audits without missing a task. An organized approach helps you determine which processes are ready to be digitized or automated. Whether you hire process consultants or not – it’s the best way to ensure every step in process improvement is done properly.

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Start risk-free. Remove Inefficiencies. Automate operations.

Process audits are just the beginning - you can transform all your company operations on Tallyfy!

Tallyfy is beautiful workflow software that automates your custom processes and prevents tasks from falling through the cracks. Eliminate stress - try it now.

So, do we all agree on the process?

Everyone can contribute to finalizing any business process.


Is this approved by the process owner or not yet?

Never have to ask about the status of anything again.


Can we track 80 process audits across 50 owners?

Everyone can track and communication about every process audit – anytime!


How do we turn chat into documentation?

Know what’s important and what can wait.


Nobody is going to look at this complex flowchart

Tallyfy guides you through decisions.


Which version of the process is this?

Always the latest version. Every change is visible.


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