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    The proven path to Workflow Made Easy®

    Tallyfy lets you fight the busywork of meetings, manual status updates and reporting - and gives you an automatic, real-time answer to “What is the status of this?”

    You can set and forget a template of any playbook, SOP, approval workflow, procedure or business process. Tallyfy automatically moves tasks between people and auto-reminds everyone what they need to do and when. It also hides tasks that aren’t necessary.

    The product is designed for anyone including people with no technical or process expertise.

    ​​ What is Tallyfy not designed for?

    We want to make sure you don’t waste your time so here’s 4 things we don’t offer in the product:

    1. We only focus on repeatable processes - not projects. We’re not like other task or project management apps. Unlike ad-hoc projects, a process is - repeatable, scalable, predictable and trackable. You need to have a good idea of one or more repeatable or recurring processes that run between people to use Tallyfy properly.

    2. We don’t use flowcharts in Tallyfy - we believe they are complex, out-dated and hard to use on small devices. Instead we have something even more powerful - if this then that automations - which do everything a flowchart does, and more things you could never do with a flowchart.

    3. Tallyfy is not just for documenting processes. It actually runs a process and gives you the real-time status of it. If you just want to document, there’s many very cheap and free apps out there. Documenting is a necessary but very low-value step to better operations. We believe the true pain and the biggest cost in operations is auto-tracking the status of who is doing what and when. That’s the busywork that wastes up to 2 hours per person, per day.

    4. We don’t move data between apps. There’s a separate category of software called “middleware” which lets you do just that. You can push and pull data from Tallyfy as shown here .

    We’d be happy to discuss details and help you, but first, we hope you’re okay with the above. Please schedule a call at this link .

    ​​ How to set and forget processes

    There's 3 essential things to know

    How to create a template
    How to launch and track a process
    How to continuosly improve your template

    ​​ Create a template

    Easily build a process template from scratch or with Tallyfy AI to standardize operations and save time. Templates can be procedures or documents. Here’s a screenshot of a template to onboard new customers the right way, every time:

    Customer Onboarding

    ​​ Launch and track processes

    Launch a new process using a template (it’s like making a copy of a recipe) - automatically assigning tasks and managing follow-ups and hand-offs. A process is when you’re “using” the template for a specific employee, customer, approval and so on. You can launch many processes from a template. Here’s a view to track the status of processes:

    Customer Onboarding Process

    Everyone involved can track every task individually and see what is done and not done.


    ​​ Improve continuously

    You don’t have to keep improving your template - but it’s a really good idea to do so via feedback or brainstorming sessions. People can add feedback on the template itself on Tallyfy using simple comments.

    With continuos improvement - your operations will keep getting better and better, and every mistake you learn from will be baked into the template so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

    When you make incremental improvements you get significant gains over time, outpacing your competitors and enhancing efficiency. You can’t get compound, incremental, permanent improvements easily with ad-hoc projects and ad-hoc tasks.

    Tallyfy specializes in process management - not project management. The difference is huge - because processes are scalable, repeatable, improvable and predictable. Projects are none of those things.

    “If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing” – W. Edwards Deming

    Tips to create great procedures

    Create template using tallyfy AI

    Template created

    Insert Media

    Kick-off Form

    Approval Tasks

    Assign Task

    Specify Deadline

    Flowchart Rules

    Tips to create great document templates

    Tallyfy documents are not designed to download, but to use. You use a document or playbook by launching it.

    Customize templates in Tallyfy by marking fields which are editable via the Builder. You can even set default content within editable fields. This means if I someone wants “their own version” of a document - they just launch the template, and either accept the defaults or customize the fields they are allowed to customize with whatever they like.

    ​​ Add reusable fields to your document

    To add a new field, click on New Field and select the type of field you want to add to your document. You can add Short text, for something like the name of a client or a project, Long text for a description or notes and Date for a deadline or the current date!.

    Add new field

    ​​ Use existing fields in your document

    Click on Existing fields and drag the one you want to use into your document - they will fill in with whatever the value collected was - great for fields where you collect the data once e.g. “First Name” but then have to pull it into many different slots throughout the document without re-entering it again.

    Select existing field

    Edit and view documents on any device with features like re-usable content snippets, automatic translation, and mobile-ready UI’s.

    Better than Word or Google Docs or wikis

    Tallyfy eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional documents. No more random copies scattered around, and no more giant attachments over email.

    You might be able to auto-migrate content between a documentation-only app to Tallyfy. Get in touch with us to talk about this.

    Move from flowcharts to flowtables

    Flowcharts just don’t compare to Tallyfy FlowTables. They lack instructions, timings and the ability to be easily consumed on mobile devices. Plus, Tallyfy fosters collaboration and creativity for modern teams - not a command-and-control culture with flowcharts.

    Better than spreadsheets

    Upgrade to organized structure, efficiency and controlled access. Stop fighting busywork hell via spreadsheets.