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Tallyfy Pro is a workflow automation platform designed for simplicity and power without the need for coding or flowcharts. Tallyfy is perfect for non-technical users and streamlines repeatable processes so that you see consistent and excellent outcomes every single time.

The 4 basics of Tallyfy

Create Templates
Launch Processes
Track Processes
Improve Continuosly

​​ Create Templates

Easily build a process template from scratch or with Tallyfy AI to standardize operations and save time. Templates can be procedures or documents.

Customer Onboarding

​​ Launch Processes

Start a new process using a template, automatically assigning tasks and managing follow-ups and hand-offs. A process is when you’re “using” the template for a specific employee, customer, approval and so on. You can launch many processes from just one template.

Customer Onboarding Process

When you launch a procedure, you can track every task individually and see what is done and not done.


​​ Track Processes

View the live status of all ongoing processes through a visual, real-time dashboard.

​​ Improve Continuously

Make incremental improvements to processes for significant gains over time, outpacing competitors and enhancing efficiency. You can’t get compound, incremental, permanent improvements easily with ad-hoc project management and or ad-hoc tasks.

Creating Procedure Templates

​​ Tips for Template Creation

Create template using tallyfy AI

Template created

Insert Media

Kick-off Form

Approval Tasks

Assign Task

Specify Deadline

Flowchart Rules

​​ Tallyfy Document Templates

Ditch the Paper: Tallyfy’s digital approach keeps everyone updated with the latest processes. Our documents are not designed to download, but to use.

Customize templates in Tallyfy for a seamless digital experience with documents. Edit and view documents on any device with features like content snippets, automatic translation, and mobile-friendly design.

Tallyfy Advantages

​​ Superior to Word or Google Docs

Tallyfy eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional documents. Access information easily, track views, and save time on writing and searching. Embrace a more productive work culture.

​​ Superior to Flowcharts

Flowcharts can’t compare to Tallyfy’s dynamic capabilities. They lack instructions, timing, real-time tracking, and device compatibility. Plus, Tallyfy fosters collaboration, not robotic workflows.

​​ Superior to Spreadsheets

Ditch the complexity of spreadsheets for Tallyfy’s clarity. Coordinate steps and processes effortlessly, control access, and always work with up-to-date information. Upgrade to organized efficiency.

Tallyfy Use Cases

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