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    Our recommendation to protect sensitive data in your processess

    To be a transparent and trustworthy business, it’s important to keep certain information strictly confidential. We’re talking about Social Security numbers, sensitive customer data, and other important information. You don’t want that to be easily viewed by just anyone!

    To ensure the highest level of security, we recommend collecting and storing sensitive data in a secure document or system. This document or system should only be accessible to authorized personnel. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your customer’s information is in safe hands.

    To add the URL to the sensitive data in the text box within your task, follow these steps:

    1. First, open the task where you want to add the URL.
    2. Locate the text box within the task.
    3. Copy and paste the URL into the text box.
    4. Save the task.

    By following these steps, you can easily add the URL to the sensitive data and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to it.