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How to add guidance text to a step in a template

Tallyfy Help Article - Adding Guidance Text to Template Steps

Are you looking to enhance your task forms with helpful guidance text? Look no further! Tallyfy allows you to add optional descriptions, instructions, or examples that appear under each form field in a task - making it easier than ever to provide clear directions to your team.

To add guidance text, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the template step you want to add guidance text to.
  2. Go to the forms tab.
  3. Select the form field you wish to add guidance text to.
  4. Click on the Advanced section.
  5. Type in your guidance text.
  6. Save your changes.


Now, when you start the process, the task will display the guidance text in italics under the form field title. Plus, any URLs in the guidance text will be clickable, making it even more convenient for your team to access additional resources.

Take your task forms to the next level with Tallyfy’s guidance text feature. It’s time to simplify your workflows and ensure everyone is on the same page. Let’s get started today!