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Why do we push data to other BI platforms and not build our own?

A lot of people often ask us about analytics and reporting for Tallyfy. However, we believe that it’s more beneficial for you to use a dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) or analytics platform.

Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because analytics is all about asking the right questions and exploring the insights and answers to those questions. To unleash the power of analytics, you should utilize the best BI tools that already exist and incorporate data from sources beyond Tallyfy.

​​ Why re-invent the wheel when there’s already dedicated, full-powered analytics platforms?

So, why should you reinvent the wheel when there are already amazing analytics platforms available? Many of our customers have already invested in top-notch BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, and Google Data Studio. These platforms specialize in analytics and reporting, and they excel at what they do. At Tallyfy, we provide seamless integration with your existing analytics platform, allowing you to have full control and customization capabilities to get the insights you need.

​​ Why give up the option to switch to any analytics platform you like?

You might wonder why you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one analytics platform. Well, everyone has different preferences and requirements when it comes to their dashboard, KPIs, and graph options. We believe in giving you the flexibility to switch to any analytics platform that supports Amazon Athena, which is a powerful data lake. With Amazon Athena, you can connect to most BI platforms and enjoy the freedom to choose the right analytics tool for your needs.

​​ Why not merge data from Tallyfy plus many other data sources?

It’s crucial to consider merging data from multiple sources, not just Tallyfy. Purchasing a product solely because it has native analytics may lead to missed opportunities. By combining data from various platforms, such as client/customer/patient data, workflow/process data, and ERP data, you can unlock the true value of multi-source analytics. This is why a dedicated BI platform is superior to relying solely on Tallyfy for analytics.

​​ Why give up data portability?

While dedicated analytics platforms enable you to integrate data from various sources and perform advanced operations, such as filtering and pivoting, data is about more than just analytics. In the future, there will be smart technologies that can leverage the same data, and your data scientists, AI/machine learning experts, and business analysts will require access to the raw data. We believe in providing you with a workflow platform that offers open, portable, and easy-to-use data.

​​ Why not re-use your in-house data science and BI people?

A lot of companies have teams who are experts in Tableau, PowerBI or just data science and BI in general. You can leverage those teams with Tallyfy without having them learn another product.

We hope this clarifies why using a dedicated BI or analytics platform alongside Tallyfy can vastly enhance your analytics capabilities and provide you with the insights you need.