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How can you automatically launch a new process when a task is completed

Are you tired of dealing with complex workflows? Tallyfy is here to save the day! With Tallyfy, you have the power to automate your workflows and make them simple and efficient.

Here’s how you can launch a new process when a task is completed:

  1. Select the step from the template that should trigger the launch of a new process.
  2. Click “Advanced” and toggle on the “launch another process when this task is complete” feature.


  3. Choose a template from the dropdown list to launch an automated process.

Please note that archived templates won’t appear in the dropdown list, and templates with required kick-off form fields won’t launch through this feature.

  1. Customize the process name using insert variables, or leave it to the default format “Month day - hh:mm - Template Name” for automatically launched processes.

To know if the automation happened, look out for our bot commenting on the task where the automation took place:


When the parallel process or “child” launches, it will be automatically tagged with the unique ID of the task, process, and step that spawned it. This ensures a strong, unique link between the parent and child processes: