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How do you integrate to other systems?

Tallyfy offers integration to other systems via these methods:

  1. Open API. An open REST API gives any developer access to all the features of Tallyfy, and enables pushing and pulling of any type of data to occur using an open REST API.
  2. Webhooks. These are outbound JSON webhooks which take the full payload of a process and send it to any internet-accessible endpoint that you specify.
  3. Middleware. These are platforms with connectors that help you move data from one app to another app - usually without using code. Their benefit is that you don’t have to write or maintain code to keep two systems integrated.
  4. Native. We maintain some native integrations which we offer, manage and upgrade ourselves.
  5. Email. You can send an email to a pre-defined email addresses into Tallyfy to take certain actions like launching a process. You can also take over our email servers with yours using custom SMTP.
  6. Analytics. Tallyfy Analytics is a data warehouse service on Amazon Athena that gives you access to query all your process data from any system of your choice, including BI tools.