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    No signup. No password. One link forever.

    Delight your customers with spectacular, branded experiences that require no signup and no login. Enjoy unlimited and free guest invites. Automate reminders. Collect data with zero friction. Get customer approvals. Grow faster with happier customers.

    ​​ No signup and no login

    Our studies and peer studies show that the biggest obstacle to getting a busy person to provide you information or complete a task is ridiculously simple - it’s asking them to sign up and remember “yet another password”. Tallyfy eliminates this requirement.

    No matter how many tasks you assign to the same guest email address - the link stays the same. No more forgetting, questions or admin hurdles.

    ​​ Your brand

    Guests see your branding and your logo, on emails too.

    ​​ Self-driven delegation

    Your customer sometimes needs to assign tasks to other people within their team. They can do that without any admin, via self-driven delegation of tasks to any other email address.

    ​​ Unlimited, free guests

    Guests are people (email addresses) outside your company. With Tallyfy, you get unlimited free guests.

    ​​ Automated, controllable reminders

    Guests get reminders about their tasks automatically. Both parties (you and they) can control which days of the week they get their “digest” email that contains all the tasks they need to do.

    ​​ Testimonial

    Sol8 is a fast-growing agency. They’re an official Google Partner. This is a quote from their story:

    Our clients and team sail through the Tallyfy process – there is no need for clients to log in, there is one link for everything they need to do, everything saves in real-time – it all works incredibly well! I simply can’t imagine scaling our Google Ads agency without Tallyfy.

    Kasim Aslam - Sol8