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    How to edit any process details in Tallyfy

    1. Click the “Settings” button on your active process view:

      More Settings Image

    2. Once in the ‘Summary’ tab, you can modify tags, process folders, process notes, and much more! For instance, to update the process owner, click on the ‘Process owner’ edit icon and select a new owner:

      Edit Process Details Image

    ​​ Modifiable options

    1. Rename: Need to change the name of your process? No problem! You can rename it at any time, even in the middle of a process.

    2. Process Information: Update important details like the start date, owner, assignees, and more. Keep everything up to date and organized.

    3. Tags: Use tags to categorize and refine your processes. Easily find what you’re looking for and stay organized.

    4. Process Notes: Things change, and that’s okay! Add important updates to your process notes and keep everyone in the loop.

    5. Template Description and Process Instructions: View the description and instructions associated with your process template. Stay on track and ensure everyone knows what to do.

    6. Kick-off Form Fields: Easily access and download all the form fields associated with your process. No more searching for that elusive file!

    7. Archive: Want to make a process go away temporarily? Archive it! You can always unarchive it later if you need to.

    8. Export CSV: Love CSV files? We’ve got you covered! Export your process data in a CSV format.

    9. Permanently Delete Process: If you’re sure you won’t need a process again, you can delete it permanently.