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    Tutorial: Create an automation by example

    ​​ General concepts

    1. You can set IF conditions that listen to tasks being completed
    2. You can set IF conditions that respond to the value of specific form fields
    3. You can set IF conditions that respond to other criteria.
    4. You can set IF conditions on a step of type “Approve/Reject” to listen for an approve or reject and fire off THEN automations on the back of that.

    For example, if you’re onboarding a new client, you can have different steps depending on the size of their company. Less than 20 employees? One path. 20 or more employees? A different path. You set and forget these paths so that people don’t need to worry that they’ve missed something they should have done.

    ​​ Form-field example

    Now, let’s dive into a form field walk-through to see how it works in action. Imagine you’re onboarding a new employee and you want to tailor their orientation process based on their role.

    Here’s how you can set it up:

    1. Create a template for your process like “Employee Onboarding” and define the steps in your procedure. In this case, we’ll have Step 1 for sharing employee details and Steps 2 and 3 for scheduling training or orientation.
    2. Add a form field in Step 1 for capturing the employee’s role, using radio buttons with options for “field worker” and “office worker”.


    1. Apply rules to Steps 2 and 3 based on the form field response. For example, if the employee is a field worker, only Step 2 (field training) should be shown. If they’re an office worker, only Step 3 (office orientation) should be shown.


    1. Launch your process and let Tallyfy run the automations like magic!

    Once the process is launched:

    • Only Step 1 will be assigned and visible at first.
    • After the employee selects their role in Step 1, the relevant step (2 or 3) will be assigned and shown. The assigned person(s) will be notified accordingly.
    • The assignee(s) can simply click on the task link in their email to complete the assigned step.