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    Difference between admin and standard members

    ​​ Admin members

    Welcome to Tallyfy! Let’s talk about admin members and what they can do on our platform. Admin members have the power to edit, see, and do everything in Tallyfy. They are the superheroes of your team!

    But what exactly can an admin member do? Let’s find out:

    1. Admin members can invite new members to join your Tallyfy account. It’s like throwing a party and making sure everyone gets an invitation.

    2. They can also edit billing info and update your Tallyfy plan level. It’s like having control over the music playlist at the party.

    3. Admins can set permissions for different actions in Tallyfy. It’s like being the bouncer at the party, deciding who gets access to certain areas.

    4. They can view and edit organization details through the Settings tab. It’s like having access to the party’s guest list.

    5. Admins can also view and edit member profiles, ensuring everyone’s information is up to date. It’s like being the official party photographer.

    To see all the admin members in your organization, simply go to the Members page in the Settings tab. It’s like checking out who’s on the VIP list at the party.

    Deleting an admin member is easy too. Just go to the Settings tab, select Organization, and click on Members. From there, you can access the member’s profile page and remove them. But remember, if there are active tasks assigned to this user, you’ll need to assign them to someone else before confirming the deletion. Safety first!

    ​​ Standard members

    Members in Tallyfy can be either admin members or standard members. Admin members have full control and can do everything in Tallyfy, while standard members have some restrictions.

    As a standard member, you can:

    • Create, edit, and view permitted templates
    • Invite other standard members
    • Access organization details such as members, guests, tags, custom branding, and snippets
    • View tasks and email logs of other members
    • Create folders and import templates
    • View API Access Token
    • Update custom branding settings and logo

    However, there are a few things that a standard member cannot do:

    • Set template and process access permissions
    • Delete archived templates
    • Access organization and member profiles
    • View plan and billing information

    To see all standard members, simply go to the “Settings” and “Members” page in Tallyfy.