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    How does Tallyfy Analytics process your data?

    With our almost real-time streaming data, you can easily analyze and present your information in any way you like using your favorite BI or analytics platform.

    Here’s what happens behind the scenes:

    1. When an event occurs on our API, like someone completing a task, an eligible event is generated.
    2. We then create a CSV dump of the updated process object.
    3. The CSV file is converted into Apache Parquet format, making it even easier to work with.
    4. Next, we securely store the Parquet file in your private folder on Amazon S3. You have full access to this folder, so you can use the file as needed.
    5. To make things even smoother, we provide you with IAM credentials to connect your BI tool to our Amazon Athena instance. This allows you to run SQL queries on your data. And don’t worry, most popular BI tools like Tableau and PowerBI have connectors for Amazon Athena.

    Take a look at this visual to see it all in action:


    Remember, analytics data will only be saved once your organization activates this feature.

    With Tallyfy Analytics, your data moves at lightning speed from your actions to S3 and then to your BI tool. And if you have unique requirements or custom targets, we’re happy to work with you. Just reach out to us with your needs.