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    Organize your document with a table of contents

    Tallyfy Documents have a great feature - a structured ‘Table of Contents’. It makes organizing your content super easy! 📚

    To create a table of contents in your document, use different headings. Here’s how it works:

    1. Start by selecting the text you want to include and mark it as H1 - the highest level heading. This will be the main section of your table of contents.

    Create H1

    1. If you want to add sub-sections or nested entries, select the text and mark it as H2 or H3. These will be the subheadings in your table of contents.

    Create H2 or H3

    1. Once you’ve formatted your document with the necessary headers, your Table of Contents is ready to view and use! It’s that simple.

    But that’s not all! Tallyfy also has a Table of Contents in procedure templates. It’s available in ‘Read’ mode and helps you navigate through the steps in the template.

    Procedure Table of Contents

    Procedure Table of Contents

    Now you can easily organize your documents and procedures with the help of Tallyfy’s Table of Contents. Get started and make your content shine! ✨🚀