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How to re-open a task to a guest user

Guests can only complete a task once, and they cannot re-open them.

This is because we’d like guest tasks and decision to have a sense of finality and completeness - because you might have many other steps that follow key decisions.

If a guest wants to re-open a task - they can always add a comemnt to it.

They are like web forms that cannot be accessed after the first submission. This ensures that no changes are made without your knowledge.

If you need your guest to re-complete a task, you can easily re-open it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open your Active Process and click on the necessary step.

  2. Click on “Re-Open”.

  3. An email will be sent to your guest and the step will be accessible again.

Once a task is re-opened and assigned to a guest, you can copy the guest link by clicking on the ellipsis icon. This allows you to view the step in Guest mode and resend the link if needed.

Guests can also see all their tasks in one place called the “Tracker” and can leave comments to collaborate better.