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    How to set up Zapier to work with Tallyfy

    To connect Zapier to your Tallyfy account, follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to your Tallyfy settings.
    2. Navigate to the ORGANIZATION tab and copy your Organization ID.
    3. Open Zapier and go to your Connected Accounts.
    4. Select “Tallyfy account” and enter your organization ID.
    5. Provide your email and password when prompted.
    6. Confirm the authorization request.
    7. Your account will be connected and confirmed on Zapier.

    From the “Connected Accounts” section in Zapier, you can test your connection anytime to ensure everything is working smoothly.

    That’s it! You’re all set to create zaps with Tallyfy on Zapier. Happy automating! 🚀