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    How to assign members or guests after launching the process

    Assigning members to tasks in Tallyfy is crucial for a seamless workflow. Assignments make it clear who is responsible for each task and ensure accountability. Plus, it helps automate processes, so everything runs smoothly. Let’s see how you can assign someone to a task in different scenarios.

    In a template:

    1. Open the Assign tab within the template.
    2. Specify the member you want to assign to the task.
    3. Every time the process is launched, that member will be assigned to the chosen task.

    When launching a process:

    1. Launch the process.
    2. Before clicking “Go,” select Review & Edit to assign members.
    3. Choose the member(s) you want to assign to the tasks.

    Within an active process or a one-off task:

    1. Open the task card and click on the ⋮ icon.
    2. Select Edit task.
    3. Choose the person you want to assign to the task.
    4. Click Save Changes.

    Remember, assigning members ensures everyone knows their responsibilities and keeps things moving smoothly. Give it a try and enjoy a more organized and efficient workflow!