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    Conditional branching without the pain of huge flowcharts

    Put your processes on auto-pilot. Create simple automations to eliminate manual assignments or deadlines. Show exactly the right task at the right time. Eliminate the stress of remembering every if, but or when. Do much more than you can do with flowcharts.

    Flowtables on Tallyfy are not just a substitute for flowcharts - they actually add things that don’t even exist on flowcharts.

    ​​ For everyone

    Built for non-technical people to edit workflows in minutes. You don’t need be an IT or process expert to build conditionals.

    ​​ Self service

    You never need an army of consultants for every little change. Heads of business and non-technical people can edit automations anytime.

    ​​ Easy integration

    Tallyfy has an open API with middleware connectors plus real-time feeds to your BI.

    ​​ No-BPMN and No-Code

    Nobody adopts expensive, legacy BPM and low-code apps. If you’ve never heard of the BPM or BPMN thing - don’t bother looking or spending weeks learning about it. You’ll waste valuable time and get confused.

    ​​ Multiple action types

    Flowcharts only show you how things flow from one box to another. Swim lanes show you roles and who does those tasks. Tallyfy automations add these amazing capabilities on any task:

    • … and many more. Your imagination is the limit.

    ​​ Flowtables

    Need a full substitute for a flowchart? Watch this space for flowtables are coming soon :)

    ​​ Flowchart-to-Tallyfy AI

    Have lots of flowcharts you’ve already made carefully in the past?

    Whether it’s just 5 or 500 flowcharts - send them to us via a support ticket.

    We’ve built AI that automatically recognizes the shapes, text and lines and creates your Tallyfy template for you. Imagine how many hours you’d save with an automated migration!

    ​​ Testimonial

    Tallyfy is deliciously complex and simple. Really love the control you have with tasks and whether you make them mandatory or not, repeatable and send webhooks to update a CRM or application. I would be very surprised if there is anyone that this application would not benefit.

    Simon Rowe - British Government