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Customize your Tallyfy Zap for “Launch process”

This article will guide you through customizing your zap for a ‘Launch Process’ use case in Tallyfy.

To begin, create a new zap and select ‘Google Forms’ as the app for Step 1. Use ‘New or Updated Response in Spreadsheet’ as the trigger. Connect your Google Account and select the spreadsheet and worksheet for the form data.

Next, set up the action steps for the ‘Launch Process’ in Tallyfy. Choose Tallyfy as the action app and select ‘Launch Process’ as the event. Choose a Tallyfy Account and select the template for your process. Customize the process name and any process notes if needed.

You can also fill in data from the Google form into the Tallyfy process. Customize step assignees and set deadlines if necessary. If you need to pass checklist items through, use a comma-separated set of values from the source.

Remember, any custom entries in the zap will override the template’s attributes. If assignees and deadlines are left blank, the template settings will be inherited.

Refer to the provided images for a visual guide and example template for this use case.

Get started with customizing your zap in Tallyfy and make your workflow even more efficient and tailored to your needs!