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Launch a process

To launch a process in Tallyfy, follow these simple steps:

  1. From your Home screen, click on Launch Process. Alternatively, you can select +Create and then Process. Both options will take you to your Library view where you can find the desired template.

    Launch Process

  2. Select Launch Process:

    Select Launch Process

  3. Give your process a Name. You can also change assignees and Deadlines after you name your process.

    Name Process

  4. Once the process is launched, you will be taken to the active process view. Each assignee will receive notifications regarding their tasks and deadlines!

  5. Keep track of your progress in the Tracker view:

    Tracker View

  6. If the template you launched has hidden steps, you can choose to view “Hidden steps” in the “Show hidden tasks” option:

    Add filter

    Hidden Tasks

  7. To make changes to deadlines and assignees, select the desired task and change it from there. Please note that for hidden tasks, you will not be able to view their description and form fields.

    Change Assignees and Deadlines

​​ Launch a process by sending an email

Tallyfy makes launching a process via email super simple. Just send an email to a specific address, and the process will start automatically!

The email address format is:


To find the TemplateID, just check the URL when editing your template. It’s that easy!

You can even include the email body and attachments as kick-off form fields. Learn how to create them in the trigger itself. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you!

When it comes to replying to a task via email, simply add your comment to the body of the email. We’ll automatically add it as a comment to the task. The format of the FROM address should be:

Remember, the body of the email is used for your comment, not the subject line.