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    What is the rich text editor in Tallyfy?

    Comments and description fields in Tallyfy allow you to use more than just plain text. They enable you to enter rich text. If you have long text form fields - you can optionally enable rich text within the settings for the field too.

    Use rich text (HTML) for rich formatting options, embed options (to insert videos, etc.) and to insert images (up to 10Mb). You can also create lists, drop of content like other templates, variables, snippets and more. In addition - you can add hyperlinks and tables.

    A note about embeds - you can embed over 400 providers of videos, audio, photos, and products using the embed URL option of the rich text editor.

    Copy and pasting content from apps like Microsoft Word or Google Docs

    If you try to copy/paste content from Google Docs or Microsoft Word into the rich text editor, the formatting may not be preserved. This is because the editor does not support the same formatting options as the web application you copied from.

    Pasting in poorly formatted HTML from word processing apps has the following effects:

    • It makes consistent formatting more difficult. When you have inline styles in your text, making universal, site-wide CSS changes require more overrides. Tallyfy offers global branding via CSS - which only works when you do not manually over-ride styling. Separate content from styling by entering content into Tallyfy without formatting.
    • Extra code slows down websites. While this excess code doesn’t normally change any site functionality, but every unnecessary line makes your site slower to load.
    • It can affect search features. If you paste in lots of heavy/extra content into HTML - it doesn’t help a search engine index the content better.

    For this reason - when an attempt is made to copy in markup-heavy content, Tallyfy will strip out any formatting and try to capture the plain text into your rich text field.