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What are the features our text editor provides

Tasks are like little steps that keep your business running smoothly. They may seem small, but they’re vital for keeping things on track.

With Tallyfy, you have a powerful tool at your disposal - a rich text editor for task descriptions and comments. Use them to add important information or instructions, or for users to discuss any issues or new ideas.

You can do so much with descriptions! From adding bold or italic text, underlining important points, aligning text, creating lists, and even inserting images and GIFs (up to 10MB), code snippets, emoticons, dropdown menus, hyperlinks, tables, and more!

And that’s not all! You can embed over 400 providers of videos, audio, photos, and products using the embed URL feature. Plus, you can create multiple reusable snippets to make your life even easier.

You can also embed snippets and even other templates within a single task.