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    Guests in Tallyfy explained

    Sometimes, we want to involve someone outside of our company in a specific process, but we don’t necessarily want to invite them to join our entire company on Tallyfy. We certainly don’t want them to have access to every single process or, worse, sensitive data of our company. This is where setting up a Guest becomes a very good idea.

    When you set up a guest in Tallyfy, this person will only be able to see and complete tasks assigned to them, along with some other limitations that are explored in detail later in the article.

    If you want to know more about how to include a guest in your processes. Check this article.

    ​​ Difference between a guest and a member in Tallyfy

    ​​ Members

    Members have access to various features such as logging into a Tallyfy account, creating tasks and templates, viewing templates, launching processes, and inviting other members and guests. You can find a list of all members in your Tallyfy Organization under Settings.

    ​​ Guests

    You get unlimited, free guests on Tallyfy.

    Guests are free users designed for transient clients, customers, or partners outside your organization. They can be assigned one-off tasks or tasks in a specific process after it has launched. Guests do not log in and can securely see only the task or form assigned to them, ensuring the confidentiality of internal organizational information. They can view their assigned tasks via a guest multitask link.

    However, guests have certain limitations. They cannot reopen tasks, make comments, edit or assign tasks, view templates or processes, launch processes, or view tasks assigned to others. Each task can only be assigned to one guest email.