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Tallyfy - Simplifying Your Workflow with Snippets

Are you tired of repeating the same information over and over again? Say goodbye to redundancy with Tallyfy’s reusable snippets!

With Tallyfy, you can create and save snippets of text that you can easily insert into step, task, and template descriptions. No more rewriting - just insert a snippet and you’re done!

​​ Create a snippet

Creating and accessing your pre-saved snippets is quick and easy:

  1. Head to your Account Settings > Organization > Snippets.
  2. Click “Create Snippet” to make a new template.
  3. Edit and view existing snippets with a simple click.


​​ Using snippets

Now, using snippets is a breeze:

  • Choose a template from the dropdown list and insert it into the template and form descriptions.
  • Spice up your procedure step descriptions effortlessly.
  • Add process instructions with ease in the advanced template settings.
  • Share active process instructions, notes, and comments without any hassle.
  • Make one-off task descriptions and comments more colorful.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of using snippets in the document editor.


​​ Embedding templates

You can use the snippet function to embed process templates into another template, simply select the Templates option after clicking on the Scissors icon, and choose which template you want to embed!