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    Templatize easily and quickly

    You have a process or you don’t. If you don’t – Tallyfy AI creates one in 10 seconds. If you do – Tallyfy AI will auto-digitize your upload. Imagine if documenting knowledge can be fun and gamified. No flowcharts. No stress. No mess. Capture tribal knowledge and get self-service training.

    ​​ Have writers block?

    Tallyfy AI creates a template in 10 seconds

    ​​ Auto translate

    Get >90 languages in real-time via Azure AI

    ​​ Auto “wow”

    Tallyfy auto-formats your eSOP for any device

    ​​ Auto governance

    Audit trails and fine-tuned permissions

    ​​ Collaborative improvement

    Easy comments for improvement cycles

    ​​ Auto update

    Recurring tasks to update templates

    ​​ Engagement ROI

    Measure views and ROI with Google Analytics

    ​​ Conditional

    Create simple and clear “if this then that” rules

    ​​ Testimonial

    Tallyfy is absolutely amazing. It’s perfect for medium to large businesses. They also prove to you that they have setup excellent data and security measures which makes it perfect for medium to large businesses as well. 5 stars, no questions asked.

    David Castillo - Voyager