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Everything you need to know about file storaging in Tallyfy

When using Tallyfy, you may need to upload files to steps, tasks, forms, or comments. Rest assured, we take security seriously! All your files are stored safely in our highly secure Amazon S3 bucket.

Here’s what you need to know about file storage in Tallyfy:

  • All PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, audio, and video files that you upload count towards your storage limit.
  • The default storage location is in the US West at the AWS data center in Oregon.
  • Depending on your plan, you have different storage limits:
    • Docs: 5GB for the entire organization.
    • Basic: 5GB per member.
    • Pro: 25GB per member.
    • Enterprise: Custom storage limit.

Remember these important points:

  • URL links shared via apps like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive do not count towards your storage limit. So feel free to use them!
  • If you reach your storage limit, we’ll let you know, but don’t worry, you have options:
    • Delete unnecessary files.
    • Upgrade your plan for more space.
    • Soon, you’ll be able to bring your storage.

For more details on IT, compliance, and security related to storage, check out our compliance and security page . And remember, we have export features available on different plans, so reach out to us for more information!

​​ Our recommendation - use your existing file-sharing platform

Since Tallyfy is not a dedicated file storage and file-syncing tool, we recommend using your current cloud-based filesystem for file sharing and permissions. Platforms like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Sharepoint work great!

Here are some tips for integrating your file-sharing platform with Tallyfy:

  • To request files, you can create a unique “file request link” in most file-sharing systems and share it with others. Tallyfy won’t see the files uploaded through this link.
  • In other cases, you can specify the folder or path in your file-sharing platform where you want the file to be uploaded. Then, grab the link to the file and paste it into a Tallyfy text field.

By linking to files on your existing file-sharing service instead of storing them in Tallyfy, you’ll keep your storage plan clutter-free and optimize the use of your existing resources. So go ahead and add those URLs/links to Tallyfy steps, tasks, forms, or comments!