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    What keyboard shortcuts you can use in Tallyfy

    In this article, we’ll show you some awesome keyboard shortcuts and tips to help you navigate Tallyfy more efficiently. Let’s get started!

    ​​ Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to perform actions faster. Here are some handy shortcuts you can use in Tallyfy:

    ​​ +Create Button

    You can use these shortcuts anywhere in the app (except from within a process or template).

    • To quickly add a one-off task, press CTRL + OPT + T simultaneously.
    • To enter the template library and launch a process, press CTRL + OPT + P simultaneously.

    ​​ Completing Form Fields

    When completing a task form, you can use the following shortcuts:

    • Press TAB to navigate from form field to form field. You can also use it to travel within form field options.
    • Press SPACEBAR to select a given option:
      • Dropdown
      • Radio Button
      • Checklist
      • File Upload

    That’s it! These shortcuts will save you time and make your workflow more efficient. Happy Tallyfying! 😄