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Where to find your Tallyfy IDs

The Organization, Template, and Process IDs are unique identification numbers for each organization, template, and process in Tallyfy. These IDs are useful when contacting support or importing templates.

Finding these IDs is super easy! Just take a look at the URLs on each page. We’ve made it simple for you with this visual guide:

  1. Organization ID You can find it on your organization’s settings.


  2. Template ID You can find your template’s ID by clicking Config on the template editor. and heading to the Tools section.

  3. Process ID Similar to the Template ID, the Process ID follows the Organization ID in the URL. After , you’ll see the ID when you open or launch the associated process. Each process has its own unique ID!

Finding and using these IDs is a breeze! Contact support or share templates confidently with your partner business. Hooray for simple identification!