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Form fields

Form fields are an essential part of organizing and gathering information within processes, forms, and tasks in Tallyfy. There are two types of form fields: Kick-off Form Fields and Step or Task Form Fields. Kick-off form fields are the ones that appear before a process can be launched, while all other form fields appear within steps or tasks.

Let’s explore the different types of form fields available and how they can help you in your workflow.

​​ Types

Tallyfy offers various field types to help you organize and collect information effectively. Let’s take a look at some of them:

​​ Short Text

A single-line text field that allows you to capture up to 200 characters of information.

Short Text Field

​​ Long Text

A field that can hold a large amount of text, with a character limit of 6,000.

Long Text Field

Choose one option from a drop-down list.

Dropdown List Field

​​ Checklist

Select one or multiple options from a list.

Checklist Field

​​ Radio Buttons

Insert several options and select a single option from the list. Great for a short list of choices.

Radio Buttons Field

​​ Date and Time

Capture a date and time, with options to select the year, month, day, and time.

Date and Time Field

​​ File Upload

Upload multiple files up to a 10Mb limit per file. Accepts various file types.

File Upload Field

​​ Additional Settings

To make your forms even more robust, Tallyfy provides additional settings for each field:

  • Name: A label that explains the requirement of the form field.
  • Guidance: Additional description, instructions, or examples to help complete the field.
  • Field alias: Required for webhooks integration to refer to this field.
  • Options: Provide selectable options for a field.
  • Required: Indicate whether a field is optional or required for completion.

Now you have a better understanding of the different form field types and how to customize them. Start gathering information seamlessly with Tallyfy!

Remember, incomplete form fields can easily be spotted and addressed in completed tasks.

Incomplete Task