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    How to report blockers in tasks

    ​​ Reporting an Issue

    To report an issue in Tallyfy, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the task and go to the comments section.

    2. Click on Add Comment -> Blocker to report the issue.


    3. In-app and email notifications will be sent to everyone involved in the process.


    4. The task will be marked with a red alert icon and border.


    5. The active process will have a red progress bar indicating the presence of the issue.


    ​​ Resolving an Issue

    To resolve an issue in Tallyfy, follow these simple steps:

    1. Any member, including the person who reported it, can resolve the issue.

    2. Leave a new comment and click on Tag -> Resolve -> Add Comment.


    3. The red icon and border will disappear.

    4. The comment resolving the issue will be highlighted in green, and the task will return to its normal state.

    5. In the Active Processes view, the progress bar will no longer highlight the issue.

    ​​ Finding Processes with Unresolved Issues

    To quickly find processes with unresolved issues in Tallyfy:

    1. Go to the Process Tracker view via the Processes sidebar tab.
    2. Select “Add Filter” on the top left and click on Show -> With issues.