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    Get rid of standalone forms that go into a black hole

    The world of work is full of forms - whether they’re a document you need to fill out and email, or a web form you submit.

    Change your world of forms from submit and pray to submit and track.

    Think about this for a moment - why do people fill out a form? Because something is supposed to happen next, right?

    A form leads to a process, sometimes involving multiple people or multiple teams with multiple steps.

    There’s no need to hope that somebody knows or follows the right process.

    • Place a kick off form in front of a Tallyfy template.
    • Launch it and make it trackable to everyone involved. That includes email addresses outside your company - which we call guests.
    • Automate accountability and reminders.
    • Trigger your process in any way you like.
    • Pass the baton automatically from person-to-person or team-to-team.
    • Organize every incoming work request and let anyone track the status without needing to ask manually.

    ​​ Move to Submit-and-Track

    Eliminate the pain of Submit-and-Pray after forms are submitted. With Tallyfy, the kick-off form is just a trigger that starts the process. The entire process runs automatically after a form is submitted.

    ​​ Standalone forms are useless

    A form just kicks off a multi-step process. You need a form at the front and the process directly behind it, tracking every move - step by step.

    ​​ Data pass-through

    Grab and pass around the data you collect from your form fields within your workflow. Push it via webhooks to other systems. You can even pipe data previously collected in one step to another step in your workflow via variables.

    ​​ Auto-verified submissions

    Eliminate submits from non-existent emails like . With Tallyfy - if anyone wants to fill out a form, they will find a link to it in their inbox. If they don’t get the email, they won’t be able to fill it out. You can also make kick-off forms public if you like.

    ​​ Migrate your existing forms to Tallyfy

    Do you have either web forms or documents (Paper, Word, Excel or PDF) which are your “standalone forms” right now?

    Send them to us as a support ticket - we have specialized AI that will automatically convert them into templates for you.

    Imagine how much time that would save you in your efforts to migrate into the benefits of a fully digital world on Tallyfy.

    ​​ Testimonial

    Alexandria Transit operates the DASH bus system that serves the Alexandria Metrorail and the Pentagon.

    A paper-based or email-based approval for any of our financial processes could take a couple of days before if someone was waiting for a director to be available for a signature. We also needed to keep sending reminders to check on what’s going on. With Tallyfy – approvals at Alexandria Transit are often completed in minutes.

    Evan Davis

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