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    What are one-off tasks?

    These are standalone to-do items or event-specific tasks that you need to keep track of. Whether it’s ordering print cartridges or confirming caterer choices for an event, Tallyfy has got you covered!

    A one-off task can either be created ad-hoc and standalone - or it can be linked to a process or even a template.

    Sometimes you need to ask someone else to fill out or complete information in a template. Use a one-off task, and link it to that specific template.

    Sometimes you need a one-time, ad-hoc task just for this specific process. If the template settings allow you to do this (it’s configurable in Settings on the template editor) - then you can go ahead and add any ad-hoc or one-off task into that process.

    What are the step types within Tallyfy?

    ​​ Tasks

    The default step type in Tallyfy is just a Task. These are common in workflows - they are things to do.

    ​​ Approve/Reject

    This type of task exposes two buttons instead of a Complete button - which are - Approve and Reject.

    You can use automations to handle what happens when approve is picked vs. reject and customize the flow and behavior of the workflow based on one of those two decisions.

    ​​ Expiring

    In certain situations, a task needs to be done but it’s not totally critical. If it can be done prior to the deadline, it should be done - otherwise, we don’t mind if it’s skipped or missed. An expiring task is great for nice-to-do things that are not critical.

    They are designed to prevent task debt from mounting up, which is a huge problem in other task management apps. Nobody wants to see “800 tasks incomplete” when most of those tasks are really optional and not critical at all.

    An example of an expiring task might be “Provide weekly update”. If you miss it this week, it’s okay - you can provide an update next week.

    An expiring task marks itself complete on the deadline date, unless it’s completed prior to the deadline date.

    ​​ Email Tasks

    Email tasks are divided into two types:

    • Auto-send emails - where the email is sent as soon as the task becomes visible. If you want to control when it sends - use Visibility automations to make sure you show up that task at the right time.
    • Draft emails - where an email is drafted, but the assignee must check it over and edit what they need to, and then they hit Send.

    If you need to send an email without leaving Tallyfy - you can create the default subject and body of your email so that life becomes a lot easier for the person sending the email. You can even use variables to swap out default text for custom text in form fields, to personalize your email.

    You will receive a copy of the email you send to all other recipients.