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What are the types of steps we provide

​​ One-off Tasks

Let’s start with one-off tasks. These are standalone to-do items or event-specific tasks that you need to keep track of. Whether it’s ordering print cartridges or confirming caterer choices for an event, Tallyfy has got you covered!

​​ Default Tasks

Next up, we have default tasks. These are the steps in a template that you can use to create workflows. When you launch a process, Tallyfy automatically includes the default tasks from the template, making it easy to stay organized and efficient.

​​ Approve/Reject Tasks

Sometimes, you need approvals or confirmations from supervisors or clients. With Tallyfy, you can easily switch your default or one-off tasks to an approval/rejection format. Say goodbye to lengthy email chains and hello to seamless communication!

​​ Expiry Tasks

In certain situations, you might need to notify your team members about important updates. Tallyfy’s expiry tasks are perfect for this. Simply switch your default or one-off tasks to an expiry format, and team members just need to acknowledge the update before it expires on a set date.

​​ Email Tasks

Need to send information to a team member or guest without leaving Tallyfy? Our email tasks have got you covered. Convert your one-off tasks to an email format, and easily send process information without any hassle.