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    What is Universal search and how to use it

    The ‘Universal Search’ function in Tallyfy allows you to easily search for templates, processes, tasks, and other related details.

    With the universal search, you can search for various attributes related to templates, processes, and tasks.

    Template Search allows you to search by:

    • Template tags
    • Template name (title)
    • Template description
    • Template step name
    • Template step descriptions (details tab)

    Process/Process Task Search allows you to search by:

    • Process tags
    • Process name (title)
    • Process notes
    • Process task name
    • Process task description
    • Process task comments

    One-off Task Search allows you to search by:

    • One-off task name (title)
    • One-off task comments

    Just type what you’re looking for and you’ll get a result for templates, tasks, processes, or even snippets. If your templates are stored in multiple folders, the search bar will also show the file path to where the template is stored, making it quicker and easier to navigate.


    If you wish to share a specific search result, simply click on the share icon, and the link to the search result will be copied to your clipboard.