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    Stop cloning documents to make your own version

    Digitize any contract, document, letter or playbook into a fill-in-the-blanks template.

    Create the structure, add the editable fields and then just rinse and repeat – easy!

    End the pain of zillions of docs with random names scattered everywhere.

    ​​ Set what’s editable and what’s read-only

    Tallyfy’s document templates let you set read-only content (by default) on a template and fields (either new ones or re-used ones) within the template as well. To use a template, just launch it - fill in the blanks and that’s your version.

    ​​ Re-use snippets of content

    Do you have a block of content that’s used again and again, across all your documents? Make a snippet of it once, and then just “include” it by reference into your document template.

    Every time you edit the master snippet - it goes live everywhere it’s referenced. Amazing - you don’t need to update a standard piece of content across hundreds of templates anymore!

    ​​ Use existing fields

    Have you already collected data from a field (like say - “First Name”) within this template? Then use variables to drop in the value of existing fields throughout your template.

    That means you only enter in data once, and it can be surfaced as many times as you like throughout the template. Perfect for legal contracts, as one example.

    ​​ Testimonial

    The best way to standardize your processes and tasks. We have prevented many common errors and delays in accounting processes by using Tallyfy.

    Rajesh Verma - Accurate Taxation Services