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Documents allow you to standardize templates of documents that your company regularly uses - so that you can use the template to “rinse and repeat” the same document by just filling out the unique data. Examples of such templates are contracts, sales proposals, etc.

You can learn more about document templates using the links below:

​​ Downloading vs. Using

On Tallyfy, you don’t download a document template but you “launch” or use it.

You can then make changes to the launched document in the parts which are editable.

​​ What is using a document?

When you edit and customize the document template - you can add variables and fields into it - think of the content of a document template as a couple of things:

  • Read-only content - which stays the same, no matter what - it’s not editable.
  • Editable content - which you can customize to your needs.

When you use a document - it becomes a process, which is like “your copy” of the document.

You can edit the editable fields but not the read-only parts.

​​ Using vs. Downloading a document

Tallyfy does not allow you to download a document, but instead you can read, fill and use it digitally on any device.

By using a playbook vs. downloading a playbook - you save a lot of time by eliminating these common problems with traditional documents:

  • No need to manually spend time changing formatting anywhere - you just focus on missing content
  • No need to worry about what do I need to change here? vs. what do I need to keep the same? - just focus on what you need to change.
  • No need to customize the sections that require no changes
  • Easy to assign tasks to others to fill out editable parts in the document
  • Everybody who grabs the document has a consistent copy of it - because the read-only bits stay the same
  • Ability to use snippets - which are blocks of content that exist in all documents.
  • Ability to automatically translate a document from any language, to any language - if needed.
  • Ability to view and share the document on any device - since Word and PDF docs aren’t easy to use on phones.