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Organization branding

Tallyfy Help Article: Customizing Branding and Emails

Welcome to Tallyfy, where you can personalize your organization’s brand and make your emails look amazing! Let’s dive into how you can easily customize your logo, and colors, and even add your own CSS rules.


  • Show off your custom logo in task views and emails
  • Display your unique colors in all member task views and emails
  • Impress your guests with branded views

To change your logo and colors, simply go to Settings > Organization > Branding. Here, you can see a preview of how your fully branded task and process view will look like. Take a look at the example image below:

Image 3


  • Customize every detail of your emails to match your brand
  • Make a lasting impression with fully branded emails

Task and process view:

Image 4

Global CSS: Tallyfy also offers the ability to add custom CSS rules globally, ensuring your content matches your brand perfectly. From making headings look amazing to designing tables, you have full control. Take a look at the CSS example below for some inspiration:

ul, ol {
	list-style-position: outside;
	padding-left: 1rem !important;
/*... other CSS rules ...*/

Note: CSS can be added within the Settings > Organization > Branding section. These rules apply to all task descriptions and templates.

Full White Labelling: While Tallyfy cannot provide complete white labeling, we have an incredible partner program designed for Tallyfy Ambassadors. If you’re interested in reselling Tallyfy or providing complimentary services, check out the details here: Tallyfy Partners

Email and SMTP: Want to further customize your email experience? You can even use your own SMTP server to send emails from Tallyfy! Find out more about this feature and how to test SMTP settings by visiting this link: Customize Email Sending

That’s it! With Tallyfy, you can create a branded experience that truly reflects your organization. Start customizing now and leave a lasting impression on your team and clients.