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    How to manage and track processes

    Welcome to Tallyfy - the cloud-based solution that simplifies process management for you. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to efficiency! In this article, we’ll guide you through our user-friendly dashboard and show you how to track and organize your processes with ease.

    Your sidebar is like your personal dashboard, giving you a clear view of your processes. It shows you the speed (status) of your processes, overall functions, and even the gas level! Let’s dive in!

    ​​ Tracker view

    In the Tracker section, you’ll find all your active processes and their statuses. It’s like having a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on. Not sure what a process is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this article to learn more!


    Each process has its own card, which provides you with valuable information such as the process template, name, status, number of completed tasks, next task due date, and assignee(s). It’s like having your own personal assistant!

    ​​ Sorting and filtering

    With Tallyfy, you have the power to sort and filter your processes according to your preferences. Here are some handy sorting options:

    • By Due Date: See your processes in order from soonest to latest, with the overdue ones first.
    • Newest First: Arrange your processes based on their creation date, with the freshest ones on top.
    • Oldest First: Sort your processes based on their creation date, with the oldest ones on top.
    • Sort A-Z: Arrange your processes alphabetically by their names from A to Z.
    • Sort Z-A: Sort your processes alphabetically by their names from Z to A.


    ​​ Check progress status

    In Tallyfy, we’ve got three progress statuses to keep you informed:

    • On-time: Everything is on track! No impending deadlines or issues to worry about.
    • Due soon: Dates are approaching, and tasks will be due within the next 24 hours. Stay prepared!
    • Overdue: Oops! Someone missed a deadline. If a step exceeds the allotted time or an issue is reported, it’s marked as overdue.