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    Import a document via AI

    We are currently working on a feature that lets you import your existing SOP or similar document so that a template can be created for you a lot more easily using your document as a foundation.

    Copy a Tallyfy template between two organizations

    Within Settings on a template, there’s a “Tools” tab which presents these two bits of information:


    It shows you your Org ID as well as the Template ID. If you want to copy this template to another organization - you can give them these two values, and they will be able to import it into their own organization.

    Sometimes, consultants or third-parties use it to build a template in one organization called OrgA - but then copy over the template to another organization - OrgB.

    Import and export via API

    In terms of importing and exporting templates from Tallyfy - you can export them in JSON via our API to store or archive. There’s open source scripts for this in our GitHub open source repo .

    You can also import a template you may have saved, but you need to use our API and format the request to create the template correctly to re-create it.