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    Tutorial: Get coworkers up to speed quickly

    Make your new team members feel welcome with a custom onboarding snippet.

    Snippets are a great way to create and assign a personalized message for when new team members join Tallyfy.

    If you want to drive faster adoption and automatically train coworkers with custom content when they first come in - setting these snippets is the way to do it easily:

    • The MEMBERS - JUST JOINED snippet is the content new members see temporarily before they first come into Tallyfy. It’s great for first-time content like a demo video or links to adoption and other custom guides you might have created.
    • The MEMBERS - HOMEPAGE snippet is a snippet you set which always shows on the homepage of your organization for everyone.

    You can either choose an existing snippet or create a new one - the choice is yours.

    To create a new onboarding snippet, follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to Settings > Organization > Snippets to access the Snippets feature.

    2. Click ‘Create Snippet’ and start crafting your custom message. You can even include videos and photos!


    1. Once you’re done with your snippet, head over to Settings > Organization > Personalization, and then select the snippet you created in the MEMBERS - JUST JOINED option - which sets the one-time snippet when members first join, for example:


    1. When new members accept their invite and enter their account for the first time, the snippet will be displayed to them.

    You can repeat the process if you like for the MEMBERS - HOMEPAGE snippet.

    Remember, you can only choose one snippet to display in each scenario.