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    How to see all activity in a template

    You’ve now got a detailed view of all activities on templates with the new ‘Activity’ stream feature in Tallyfy!

    With this feature, you can easily access a log of all the actions performed on your templates. This includes updates to BP titles, descriptions, and KO form fields, as well as archiving/unarchiving, adding tags, creating/editing process instructions, managing webhooks, and more.

    To view the activity trail, simply follow these steps:

    1. Choose the template you want to view from the ‘Templates’ view.

    2. Click on ‘Config’ and then select the ‘Activity’ tab.

    Access Activity Tab

    1. Scroll through the log to see all the actions that have been performed.

    Please note that only Admins and members with access permission to the template will be able to view the Activity Trail.

    That’s it! Now you can easily keep track of all the changes and updates made to your templates in Tallyfy. Happy organizing!