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    What is the advanced tab in a task

    Welcome to Tallyfy - the easiest way to manage your workflows! In this article, we’ll explore the Advanced tab in Tallyfy and how it can take your templates to the next level.

    The Advanced tab allows you to customize your templates in powerful ways. Let’s dive in!

    ​​ Launch Another Process

    With Tallyfy, you can launch a new process using another template once you complete a task. Simply turn on the “Launch another process when this task is complete” option and watch your workflows multiply!

    ​​ All Assignees Must Complete

    Ensure that every assigned member or guest completes a task before your process can move forward. No more excuses for incomplete work!

    ​​ Mandatory Tasks

    Some tasks are just too important to skip. With Tallyfy, you can mark tasks as mandatory, ensuring they cannot be removed at the start of the process. Start strong and finish stronger!

    ​​ Locked Tasks

    Want to restrict access to certain tasks? With Tallyfy, you can lock tasks to only assigned members. Rest easy knowing that those who need access have it, while others can focus on their responsibilities.

    ​​ Webhook Magic

    Want to integrate Tallyfy with other apps? Our webhooks feature allows you to emit a webhook when a task is completed. Connect Tallyfy to your favorite tools and automate your workflow like never before!

    ​​ Guest-Friendly Tasks

    Have guests involved in your workflows? You can prevent them from making or seeing comments for any task. Keep things streamlined and focused.

    ​​ Unique Step Alias

    When using webhooks, a unique step alias is used to identify each step. This helps you track progress and makes your automation even more powerful.

    That’s it for the Advanced tab in Tallyfy! Take advantage of these features to supercharge your workflows. Happy organizing!