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Analyze Tallyfy Workflows with Power BI

Get ready to unleash the power of your workflow data with Tallyfy! Our platform seamlessly integrates with popular BI and analytics tools like Power BI, giving you the freedom to analyze your data in any way you want. With Tallyfy, you can easily deploy a self-service workflow and approval management solution across your organization. It’s time to make data-driven decisions with Tallyfy!

​​ Connecting Power BI to Amazon Athena

To connect Power BI to your data in Amazon Athena, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process.

  1. Install the Amazon Athena ODBC Driver

Start by downloading and installing the Amazon Athena ODBC Driver for your operating system. You can find the appropriate version on our website.

  1. Configure the ODBC Driver

Next, configure the ODBC driver according to your operating system. We’ve got step-by-step instructions in our documentation to help you with the setup. Remember to include the authentication credentials provided by Tallyfy.

  1. Connect Power BI to Amazon Athena

Watch our helpful video tutorial to learn how to connect Power BI to Amazon Athena using the ODBC connector.

  • Open Power BI Desktop and click on “Get Data.”
  • Select the “Other” category and choose ODBC, then click Connect.
  • Pick the Data Source Name you set up during the configuration process and click OK.
  • On the left panel, open the catalog and database, and select your desired table.
  • Preview the data to ensure it’s what you need.
  • Finally, click Load to bring your Tallyfy data into Microsoft Power BI.

Check out this short video for a visual walkthrough of the process: