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    What are the benefits of integrating Tallyfy with another platform

    Integrating another system with Tallyfy? Native integrations are cool, but using an integration platform is even better!

    Picture this: An integration platform sits in between Tallyfy and any other app, making integrations a breeze. It handles all the tricky stuff like updating code, tracing integrations, and transforming data. Plus, it lets you connect various integrations in one place and gives you access to ready-to-use connectors. Microsoft Flow and Zapier are examples of integration platforms.

    But wait, integration platforms are only for automating data flows, not human-powered workflows. That’s where Tallyfy comes in!

    Now, let’s get into why integrating Tallyfy with other apps through an integration platform is the way to go. Check out these reasons:

    ​​ Integrations change all the time - you’ll be left behind

    If Vendor A changes the way their integration works, you’ll have to update your custom code. But with an integration platform, either Vendor A or the platform itself keeps things up to date for you. No more worrying about outdated integrations!

    ​​ Start from scratch? No way!

    Creating a new integration from scratch can be a pain. With an integration platform, you can choose from hundreds of connectors that are ready to go. Save time and effort!

    ​​ Don’t limit your triggers

    Want an integration to kick off when a specific email arrives? You’ll need a trigger! But with tens of thousands of possible triggers out there, it’s impossible to have them all. That’s where an integration platform comes in handy.

    ​​ Say goodbye to boilerplate tasks

    Dealing with common integration issues is now a thing of the past. No need to worry about handling offline apps, tracking integration activity, or performing simple data transformations. The integration platform takes care of it all.

    ​​ Wrap it up with an integration platform

    In summary, even if you need custom code, we recommend writing it within an integration platform. Why? Because it wraps your integration with all the benefits you need, solving those basic integration problems you’d otherwise spend months on.

    So go ahead, integrate with Tallyfy using an integration platform and enjoy seamless workflows without the hassle!