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Set Up Custom SMTP

Tallyfy allows you to set up your own SMTP server as the central account for sending all emails. This gives you more control and flexibility in managing your email communications.

​​ Why choose custom SMTP?

  1. Avoid email blockage and phishing detection: By sending emails through your own servers, you reduce the chances of them being blocked or flagged as phishing emails.

  2. Keep a log of sent items: When you log SMTP usage on your servers, you can easily track and review all the emails you’ve sent from Tallyfy.

  3. Leverage existing setups: Tallyfy seamlessly integrates with your own SMTP configuration, ensuring that all your existing settings and configurations are applied.

Note: Tallyfy currently requires you to use a single central account like “” instead of individual accounts to send emails.

Testing your SMTP settings

Curious about how to check if your SMTP settings are correct and working? Here are some recommended tools to test your SMTP connection:

​​ Microsoft Outbound SMTP testing

Visit this link to test your SMTP connection using Microsoft’s test.

Microsoft Outbound SMTP testing

​​ Wormly - test SMTP server

Use Wormly’s SMTP server testing tool to verify your SMTP server’s functionality.

Wormly - test SMTP server

​​ MXToolbox - super tool and diagnostics

For a more in-depth analysis of your SMTP server, visit MXToolbox’s SuperTool or use their diagnostic tool at this link.

MXToolbox - super tool and diagnostics

​​ GMass - test your real credentials

If you’re comfortable, you can try GMass’s SMTP test where you can input your real username and password to verify your credentials.

GMass - test your real credentials

Remember, these tools are external and provided as recommendations. It’s essential to test your SMTP settings before configuring them in Tallyfy for optimal email delivery. With Tallyfy’s custom SMTP feature, you can ensure reliable and secure email communication.