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Setting up a custom SMTP server for all outgoing email

Tallyfy lets you set your own SMTP server as a central account to send all emails. This is a substitute for our own email server sending emails from Tallyfy to your coworkers, guests, etc.

The benefits of custom SMTP are:

  • All email sends via your own servers. This minimizes the chance of emails being blocked, or being seen as phishing or spam emails by receiving mailboxes.
  • It gives you a log of sent items on your end - assuming you log SMTP usage on your servers.
  • It uses/applies everything you’ve already set up and configured on your own SMTP servers.

​​ Testing your SMTP settings

Curious about how to check if your SMTP settings are correct and working? Here are some recommended tools to test your SMTP connection:

​​ Microsoft Outbound SMTP testing

Visit this link to test your SMTP connection using Microsoft’s test.

Microsoft Outbound SMTP testing

​​ Wormly - test SMTP server

Use Wormly’s SMTP server testing tool to verify your SMTP server’s functionality.

Wormly - test SMTP server

​​ MXToolbox - super tool and diagnostics

For a more in-depth analysis of your SMTP server, visit MXToolbox’s SuperTool or use their diagnostic tool at this link .

MXToolbox - super tool and diagnostics

​​ GMass - test your real credentials

If you’re comfortable with this (seems high risk) - you can try GMass’s SMTP test where you can input your real username and password to verify your credentials.

GMass - test your real credentials

Remember, these tools are external and we don’t endorse them. It’s essential to test your SMTP settings before configuring them in Tallyfy for custom email delivery.