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Manage your personal and profile settings

Tallyfy allows you to customize the way most of the information is displayed to you. To access this feature follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings in the sidebar.
  2. Go to My account.

​​ Personalization settings

On the Personalization section, you can customize the following:

  • Language: Choose the language in which you want Tallyfy to be displayed.
  • Time zone: Set your time zone to ensure that all dates and times are displayed correctly.
  • Date format: Choose the format in which you want dates to be displayed.
  • Set how dates show up to you: Choose how you want dates to be displayed in Tallyfy. You can choose between Relative (e.g., “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Yesterday”) or Hard Dates (e.g., “2021-12-31”).
  • Sounds: Enable or disable sounds when completing and re-opening a task.

Personal settings

​​ Profile settings

Profile settings

On the Profile section, you can:

  • Change your profile picture: Click on the picture icon to upload a new profile picture.
  • Change your name: Click on the name field to edit your name.
  • Change your email: Click on the email field to edit your email address.
  • Change your job title: Click on the Job Title field to edit your job title.
  • Change your phone number: Click on the phone number field to edit your phone number.
  • Change your country: Click on the country field to edit your country.
  • Change your team name: Click on the team field to edit your team. This is just a free text field with no links to people in other teams.
  • Change your password: Insert your current password, and then fill the fields for the new password and confirmation.