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What are logic operations in Tallyfy automations

Our automation system uses the “If-Then” principle to allow you to automate decision-making in your processes based on certain conditions that you can configure!, This concept is much like decision-making in our everyday lives. Here’s how it works:

  • IF statement

    • This is a condition or a trigger event. It’s something that may or may not occur. We will call everything under IF the Condition.

      If it’s raining outside(Condition).

  • THEN statement

    • This is the action or result that follows if the condition is met. It’s the consequence of the given condition being true. We will call everything under THEN the Action.

      Then i’ll take the umbrella with me(Action).

​​ AND & OR operators

  • Sometimes you’ll need more than 1 condition to be satisfied for an action to be made, you can either AND or OR to achieve this.

  • The AND operator requires ALL conditions to be met for the action to take place.

    If it’s raining outside(Condition 1) AND you have no umbrella(Condition 2) AND you have to go outside(Condition 3). Then buy an umbrella(Action).

  • OR operator requires ANY condition to be met for the action to take place.

    If it’s either a weekend(Condition 1) OR it’s a holiday(Condition 2). Then sleep in late(Action).